Hidalgo County recognizes legislative delegation.

Jared Janes, The Monitor

EDINBURG — Hidalgo County commissioners recognized the work of the county’s legislative delegation Tuesday, calling the session one of the best for South Texas in recent memory.

Along with their colleagues from Cameron and Starr counties, Hidalgo County legislators passed a bill that will merge the Rio Grande Valley’s two universities and create a freestanding medical school here. But local lawmakers also passed dozens of other bills on topics ranging from healthcare to criminal justice to transportation.

Hidalgo County Judge Ramon Garcia told the delegation that the impact from the legislation session would be long lasting.

“I can honestly and sincerely state that this session is the best session, most positive session and the one we got the best benefits during the past 39 years” I’ve been practicing law in Hidalgo County, Garcia said. “During all times, it was a really good feeling to see our delegation at work and the respect they enjoy with other members of the state House and Senate.”


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