Rep. Canales responds to communities’ concerns over random DPS checkpoints and possible targeting of poor neighborhoods in the Valley

David A. Diaz, Your Valley Voice

Random road checkpoints being set up in deep South Texas by the Texas Department of Public Safety have raised serious concerns among Valley residents, including questions on why certain areas in Hidalgo County appear to be targeted. Rep. Terry Canales, D-Edinburg, wants the state police agency to provide justification for their actions.

A checkpoint is a place along a road or border where vehicles are stopped for inspection.

According to Canales, he has received reports from constituents that the DPS road checkpoints being conducted “seem to be placed in economically disadvantaged areas. Checkpoints have been set up in Alton, the east side of Pharr, a portion of Alamo, but none, so far, along highly-traveled roadways in wealthier parts of the county, such as along Trenton or Dove roads in northeast McAllen.”

Canales has submitted a series of questions to Steven McCraw, Director of the Texas Department of Public Safety, that would require state police officials to provide more important details about the random road checkpoints, including other locations in Texas where state police checkpoints are taking place.


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