Bill aims to prevent future Harwells

EDINBURG — Just over a year after stray bullets struck down Harwell Middle School students Nicholas Tijerina and Edson Amaro, state lawmakers have filed legislation addressing similar situations.

State Rep. Sergio Muñoz Jr., D-Palmview, filed a bill last week that would increase penalties if a bullet from a gun travels onto school property and require the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to create “school zone”-style signage aimed at shooters.

The legislation would make it a Class A misdemeanor for a bullet to travel onto the property of a public or private elementary or secondary school, and a state jail felony if that bullet causes injury or death. It would also add school-zone awareness into hunter safety programs.

“We thought a three-pronged approach would be better than one,” said Muñoz’s chief of staff, Richard Sanchez, in reference to the education, signage and harsher penalties.


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