With U.S. combat missions winding down across the world, increased services are required for our veterans.  Many young veterans are finding that America’s system of health care, disability, education and job placement benefits are often under-funded and backlogged by red tape. I am dedicated to helping veterans secure additional funding, and it is important that this funding directly benefit veterans through state-of-the-art medical facilities.  We must make certain that the Veterans Administration (VA) is held accountable for the lack of service and unreasonable waiting times that exist for thousands of veterans.


That is why I support the building of a VA hospital in the Valley. The Department of Veterans Affairs estimates over 100 thousand veterans reside in deep South Texas. Travel time for our veterans to receive acute inpatient hospital care can sometimes exceed 6 hours because veterans need to travel to San Antonio, Texas for many medical services.

After serving our country so valiantly, veterans and their families must be provided with quality health care and accessible, affordable support services. It is a top priority of mine to increase accessibility to healthcare while also providing a better understanding of the benefits that our veterans need.  I have consistently worked to ensure that those who have served this great nation be recognized, honored, and provided with the services they rightly deserve.  Rest assured that I am working hard to build better lives for America’s veterans and their families.  These men and women deserve nothing less.

Help support Representative Canales Veterans initiatives. 

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