Canales co-authors bill to name highway after trooper.

Bill would designate part of U.S. 83 to fallen trooper

Gail Burkhardt, The Monitor

Enrique Chavez takes comfort in the fact that his son will not be forgotten.

Former State Trooper Eduardo Chavez died in a car wreck while reporting to the scene of a drug bust on May 2, 2006. Now, seven years later, local state legislators have introduced a bill that would rename a 5-mile stretch of U.S. 83 that surrounds the area where he died, after Trooper Chavez.

“You can’t imagine what it’s like to lose a son,” Enrique Chavez said in Spanish. “It’s not easy…There is a phrase in the Army, ‘We do not forget.’ It’s very important to see that they aren’t forgetting him they are remembering him well.”

Chavez’s two other sons, Enrique Jr., whose friends call him Henry, and German, who also work with the Texas Department of Public Safety.


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