Canales responds to report showing people on food stamps have a balance of more than $7000.

Rio Grande Valley: People with $7K food-stamp surplus

An investigative report has shown that some people in the Rio Grande Valley are receiving exorbitant amounts of food stamp money, racking up thousands of dollars in unused funds.

“Should there be a limit on how much taxpayers dollars can be given to someone on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)?” Action 4 News asks.

One gas station clerk, who refused to reveal his name, said he once saw a balance of $7,000 on a recipient’s Lone Star card.

“You would think that it would red flag in the system,” he said.

He told the TV station that the local SNAP office told him they couldn’t doing anything about it.

“I had never heard of this issue until you brought it to light,” State Representative Terry Canales told Action 4 News.


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